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Misty Fjords Tours by Floatplane, Our Misty Fjords Tour is our most popular! The Misty Fjords (Misty Fiords) National Monument is a 2.2 million acre park which was carved by glaciers some 10,000 years ago. During our 1 hour, 30 minute tours, you will see a myriad of crystal clear alpine lakes gouged out by those very glaciers. Saltwater fjords surrounded by sheer granite walls are alive with waterfalls cascading down thousands of feet. Anan Creek Bear Viewing, Anan Creek Bear Observatory is the best way to see bears in their natural habitat. This tour includes a 40 minute flight each way, and then a 1/2 mile walk up a trail to the Observatory deck. There, you spend 1.5 hours watching both black & brown bear fishing for the salmon making their way upstream. Anan Creek is staffed by the US Forest Service and they limit the number of people that come into Anan each year, so book in advance for this tour. Guided Traitors Cove Bear Watching
Traitor's Cove Bear Watching Observatory is another great way to see bears. This tour includes a 20 minute flight each way, a 1 mile van ride to the trail, and then a short walk to the observatory deck. From there you watch black bear feeding on the salmon that are fighting their way upstream to spawn. A guide will be there to answer any questions or provide help if you need it.

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